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SR-22 Insurance

If you have received a conviction or need an occupational driver's license, you may be required to obtain SR-22 insurance.

1. What is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 insurance policy is a note held on file by the DPS. It is an extra charge you pay for your insurance carrier to communicate directly with DPS. DPS will hold your proof of insurance in their system, and whenever there is a lapse of insurance your carrier will contact DPS, possibly resulting in another suspended license.

2. When is SR-22 required?

SR-22 Insurance is usually required after a DWI conviction for a set amount of time, and it usually runs approximately $25-$50 per month on top of your normal rate. SR-22 insurance is also often needed if you obtain an occupational drivers’ license as a result of a suspension (Either ALR or conviction suspension). Depending on the court and the judge, you may have to obtain SR-22 insurance even before you request an occupational drivers license. SR-22 does not mean full coverage or necessarily expensive as some people believe, you may still purchase your state's minimum liability automobile insurance coverage, just with a SR-22 policy added.

3. How Can I Get SR-22 Insurance?

There are several ways to get SR-22 Insurance.

a. Contact your current insurance provider. However, many people do not like to do this because it puts your current provider on notice of your DWI situation.

b. Contact an outside insurance agency. Most our clients prefer this. We reccomend two companies:

Accurate Concept Insurance - This company will show rates online, allow you to sign up online, and offers a feature that if you put in our email address, they email us a copy of the insurance. Gets done in minutes and gives you the SR-22 form to print out.

Secure Protection Insurance Agency - 972-437-1000. Offers same day SR-22 insurance, but you must sign and fax back paperwork.

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